Irons Fork Cattle Company now carrying BovaZyme protein tubs!

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Irons Fork Cattle Company offers a unique all-natural 200 lb. protein tub for sale. These tubs have a nice organic mineral package as well as the actual enzymes extracted from 7 fungal cultures. The fungal cultures are not thrown in, it is the enzymes themselves extracted, then put in the feed for an equal batch every time. This is what makes the animal more efficient at what they do. The BovaZyme product has been shown in studies to provide the following: greater feed efficiency, improved ADF digestion, improved NDF digestion, improved protein digestion, increased microbial growth, decreased bloat activity, improved manure consistency, improved body condition, improved milk production, and better transitioning. We will also be handling some different minerals. Customers have been impressed with the length of time it has taken the cattle to eat a 200 lb tub. These tubs are recommended 1 tub for 25 to 35 head of cattle. We believe 20 to 25 head per tub is adequate and they have lasted 2, 3, and sometimes even 4 times longer than traditional poured molasses tub. These are a cooked tub with less that 1% moisture in them. You are not paying for water or salt. It is also safe for horses. Call or e-mail Luke for details. Call me at 479.234.1376. Email:

Bovazyme is a registered Trademark of York Ag Products,Inc.

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Holly Springs Homestead, LLC's photo.

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