Holly Springs Homestead is Arkansas Made



Holly Springs Homestead received designation from the Arkansas Agriculture Department for their Arkansas Made line of products.

Jams, Jellies, Honey, Sorghum are just a few of the items that bear the Arkansas Made sign and are carried in THE Market at Holly Springs Homestead.

Some of the items are made in Mena, Arkansas by members of the Alston family.

Other items are sourced from other Arkansas producers to bring these quality items to our local on-farm market.  A few items you can find here are :

  • KYYA Chocolate – Made in Elm Springs, Arkansas
  • Rozark Hills Coffee – Made in Rose Bud, Arkansas
  • Candles, Soaps, Candies and other Sweets

Holly Springs Homestead believes in supporting our local and state economy and love finding vendors that share the same core values, family heritage, who take pride in crafting quality products like we do.


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